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A polyglot focused on building scalable products and China market. Possessing notable experience in fintech and digital marketing, with services spanning across Asia, Europe, and Mexico.

Leader. Explorer. Dynamic product guy.

I am currently serving as a Product Manager, bringing user-validated & revenue-enhancing solutions alive. Constant curiosity towards high performing working software (and teams!) has led me to build impactful fintech products. Frequently I'm also introducing the China market to European counterparts.
Following my studies at Beijing Language and Culture University and City University of Hong Kong, I've been pursuing my passion for tech and integrating Asia and Europe. Aside from professional life I've been doing sports and competing since the age of 6. At the age of 15 I saw the possibilities of digital photos, leading me to work on my own photography portfolio with my Olympus Mju 400 camera and Photoshop. Later on I got involved with music that lead me to form the band called Bad Train Men. Got something interesting to propose? Make sure to get in touch!

The Journey

{Estonia} Freshly out of Mandarin studies I approached Tallinn University of Technology to assist their summer school regarding foreign Chinese students, eventually guiding the students around Estonia. Believe it or not but it was awesome to walk my home streets with new friends who I had an instantaneous connection, proving that localised approach is always in an advantage.

{Estonia} As a Project Co-ordinator at European Innovation Academy I ensured good co-ordination throughout 3 weeks between the Academy and participating students, professionals and mentors. Furthermore I was representing the Academy in Hong Kong, establishing collaborative relationships amongst local universities. Here's where I got the entrepreneurship and innovation infection.

{Mainland China} Wing On Professional Group Internship where I enjoyed conveying myself between engineering & business. This was through Data Centre & Infrastructure Improvement congress. I worked daily with regional manager & engineer where I also established new connections with local corporations regarding sales.

{Hong Kong} Together with a global information systems team at Bloomberg I was providing the front line of IT support for internal customers. During this internship I also worked on business improvement projects. Not only did I learn how to do a great job, I also understood the big picture that surrounds a corporation. My curiosity and goals soared.

{Hong Kong} Currently working here as Junior Product Manager. Supporting CPO in delivering web appliation based on new architecture. At CompareGlobalGroup I'm directly involved with the core platform that is spread across 13 countries. Working closely with developers and all our offices, ensuring timely and quality deliveries.

Personal Projects     Swipe!

Ice Bucket Challenge Visualisation


Ice Bucket Challenge: Water Wasted VS Money Raised (and How Much Water it Could Buy)

The hype of the #IceBucketChallenge ended in 2014. Within 55 days ALS received a total of USD114M in donations. The trade-off? Water.
I found that the total donation could buy (in the US) approximately 2.2 times the water that was actually "wasted". Of course it's not all about the money and water, however it's a cool angle to look at it:)

To create this visualisation I used: report published by ALSA; number of youtube videos tagged "Ice Bucket Challenge"; average water usage estimation by Jason Ruiz; Circle Of Blue price of water stats; Google SketchUp.

Rossana Estrada Website

Web Development
Creating and Increasing Web Presence for Rossana Estrada, a Prominent Artist

For this webpage I communicated closely with Rossana to better understand where she currently stands, what makes her stand out, and what she wants to achieve professionally.
In the planning process I focused on organising the information, designing the concept and creating the elements that could best represent her. The website is to be launched this August.

Here I used HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and Bootstrap.

Emergency Concept

Emergency Concept

Lify Symbol: The new world standard for "Help"

Every year there are thousands of searches and rescues launched in popular hiking places with the goal of finding missing hikers. By creating a standard "help" symbol the person will get noticed and rescued faster as he/she draws the symbol on the ground, or uses a physical symbol product (that includes a QR Code).

As a result of my research the symbol consists of a triangle (mountain) on top, and letter "H" (home/help) at the bottom. Through the use of satellite images and crowdsourcing, the search for missing people is enhanced. Also, the rescue team can locate the missing hikers faster. I am driven to save people's lives and making a change in the hiking community as I believe in borderless exploration and life changing adventures, while still remaining safe.

Wing On Professional Group

Mobile Application
myRoof: helping newcomers in Hong Kong to find the perfect district to live in.

Hong Kong is small enough to easily get around, however big enough to have distinctive areas and characteristics (Skittles, lets say). For this, I found that by comparing the must-have Skittles the user could receive a valuable holistic view about the surrounding area. This is a different approach that current property agency websites are offering.

The application was created to collage various sources of data to provide a personalised search function. By bringing together various district factors, such as "food price index" and "air pollution index", and letting the user prioritise each factor, the user could receive a district recommendation.

In this app I took up the role of Data Management and UI. Together with a team of 5 the app was written in Android Studio using Java.

Japan Debt Visualisation

Japan's Government Debt (2014) VS Osaka Castle and JAL

Curiosity drove me to visualise Japan's government debt (highest in the world per person), USD 12+ trillion, in relation to objects. By creating a stack of money where each bill represents US$100 I could better understand the sum of it.

I believe that mere numbers are not informative enough. People remember and understand facts and figures better when they can be related to oneself. Thus, when presenting this infograph to a Japanese friend of mine, Osaka Tower is clearly a spot-on choice.

This visualisation was created using: Bloomberg Data; Google SketchUp.

Ice Bucket Challenge Visualisation
Rossana Estrada Website
Wing On Professional Group
Wing On Professional Group
Wing On Professional Group

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